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3500 / 6500 Watt Xenon Burner
to Fit Many Atlas Weather-Ometers ® Fade-Ometers ®



Now in our 6th year of offering this major cost saver!

Atlas Price: $1,380
Our Price:   $995

Can Directly Replace Atlas
Part Number 20650000

Fits Atlas Weather-Ometer ®
Models Ci35, Ci35A, Ci65,
Ci65A, Ci4000.

Fits Atlas Fade-Ometer ®
Models Ci35, Ci35A.

These Lamps Are Made In the United States of America.


Xenon Burners to fit Atlas Suntests ®


One of the lamps in the picture is an Atlas lamp. The other is the equivalent SolarSystems lamp. Can you tell which one is which? Hint: the Atlas lamp has more deposits on the inside glass surface.
But otherwise . . . .


1500 Watt Version
Directly Replaces Atlas Part Number 56001794

Fits Atlas Suntest ® Models CPS+, CPS, & Basic Suntest ®, including the older “Original Hanau” units

Atlas Price: $445
Our Price: $295
Same Warranty and Quality as OEM.

2200 Watt Version
Directly Replaces Atlas Part Number 56077798

Fits Atlas Suntest ® Models XLS+ & XLS

Atlas Price: $757
Our Special Introductory Price:
Same Warranty and Quality as OEM.



Rebuilt and Warranted Q-Lab (Q-Panel ) QUV . The World’s Most Widely Used Weathering Tester. Why? Because QUV’s are simple to use, are inexpensive to buy /operate, are reliable AND they give meaningful results.


Priced at $3,950 for QUV Analog Model (above) and $5,500 for QUV Digitally Programmed Version (below).  Prices include sample holders and lamps.  Complete with Instruction Manual and Calibration Certificate good for one year.

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