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Xenon Burners

Xenon Burners at MAJOR COST SAVINGS, to fit Atlas Weather-Ometers ® and Fade-Ometers ®

Why pay more?  We offer:

  1. An exact fit for your existing OEM hardware
  2. A fingerprint match for the OEM Lamp Spectral Output
  3. The same warranty as the OEM
  4. Every lamp is supplied with a new Burner Socket
  5. Lamps are made in the United States (some of the OEM’s are not).



Ci35, Ci35A Order Part # SSA-20650000 @ $995

Ci65, Ci65A Order Part # SSA-20650000 @ $995

Ci4000 Order Part # SSA-20650000 @ $995

Ci5000 Order Part # SSA-20305300 @ $1,695, Special Introductory Pricing





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