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Light Commercial RO Systems


The LC Series is small in size but big in capacity. This free-standing RO system is only 30" in height but it can produce 200 or more US gallons per day of permeate water.

LC-200P-14 / LC-300P-34

Standard Features:

  • Powder Coated Frame Made of Light Weight and Rust Proof Aluminum Alloy.
  • Two High Rejection Thin Film Membranes, Typical Rejection Rate is 99%. Each Membrane is 100 GPD @ 100 psi.*
  • Two 20" Pre-Treatment Filters: 5 Micron Sediment and Extruded Carbon Black.
  • One 20" Post-Treatment Filter, Standard Coconut Shell Granular Carbon, Dl Filter is Optional for Ultrapure Water Application.
  • Liquid Filled Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge.
  • Electrical Shut Off Valve.
  • Low Energy High Flow Booster Pump with Transformer.
  • One 14 Gallon Pressure Tank (9 Gallon Drawdown) with Ball Valve 3/8" output.
  • Four Color Coded(Yellow,Black,Blue)3/8" Tubing, 1/4" Red Tubing included.


Optional Features:

  1. Permeate Pump: Fills Product Tank Faster, and Save Waste Water.
  2. Auto Flush Timer: Reduces "Brine to Product" Ratio and improves TDS Rejection Rate
  3. Larger Pressure Tanks: 20 gallon, 34 gallon (standard for LC-300P-34), 44 gallon and 86 gallon.


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