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Products & Services Temperature/Humidity Cabinets

MODELS: All are available in various sizes and with a wide variety of options.

BHD Bench top Series
HD Console Series
LH Economy Series

Temperature/Humidity Chambers allow program-controlled conditions of combined temperatures and relative humidity. The HD-500 series utilizes a single stage mechanical refrigeration system capable of producing dry bulb temperatures as low as -35°F/-37°C.

The HD-200 series extend the low temperature capability of the equipment to a dry bulb temperature of -100°F/-73°C.

The high temperature systems in these series consist of stainless steel finned heaters which are non-corrosive and are baffled to eliminate direct radiation to the test pieces at temperatures up to +350°F/+177°C. Special conditions of temperature and humidity may require consultation with our special design engineering services.

These chambers have hermetically sealed liners, fabricated of heliarc-welded stainless steel. All components in these chambers have been selected to offer maximum resistance to the corrosive effects of moisture combined with extreme conditions.

Standard units are readily available from stock.   Now you can choose the unit to suit your needs and your budget!  The economical LH Line is available in three (3) standard sizes; 1.5 cubic feet, 5.8 cubic feet, and 10 cubic feet. Simple and easy to operate the basic units are self-contained systems and utilize a two-channel microprocessor based digital controller.  Temperature range is 0°C to +94°C or an optional temperature range of -20°C to +94°C is available.   The humidity range is 20% to 98% 2 RH.

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