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Thermal Shock Chamber

MODEL SM-2100: Available in either Benchtop or Console Models (Various Sizes available from 2 to 8 cubic feet)

The need for true Thermal Shock testing has been expanding rapidly due, in part, to the enormous competitive pressures existent, particularly within the general electronics industry. The utilization of these latest technological advances for applications in medicine, computer technology, space exploration, defence research, even the automotive industry, are testimony to the increased necessity to produce products with the highest possible reliability quotient.

Clearly, thermal shock testing does provide the means to achieve this reliability objective. Currently, more and more manufacturers are turning to full temperature cycling or thermal shock testing of their electronic components, semiconductors, computers, instruments and peripheral electronic equipment.

Thermal Shock Chambers allow the test specimen to be automatically and repeatedly transferred from a hot environment to a cold environment or the reverse of this temperature sequence. This process is defined as true thermal shock, as opposed to thermal cycling, wherein the specimen is introduced into the chamber and the chamber temperature is then cycled; a process which may require two hours to ramp up or down and attain a similar 265°C temperature variation.

The Model 2100 is available in either a Two Station or Three Station Thermal Shock Chamber . The upper compartment provides the heated environment while the lower compartment provides the cold environment in both the two and three station chambers. The three station chamber also contains a middle compartment between the hot and cold compartments. This middle compartment is exposed to room ambient (ambient dwell) and is enclosed with expanded metal. Each type chamber contains a specimen holding basket (transport carriage), which is pneumatically operated from a compressed air source.

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