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Sunlight and Weathering cause millions of dollars in material damage every year. This degradation is particularly aggravated in high temperature applications. Weathering damage may include color change, strength loss, embrittlement, hazing, gloss loss and cracking of coatings. Will your product last outdoors? If you are developing a new product or redesigning an existing one, don't guess when you can test. Q-Lab Arizona is a contract test facility specializing in environmental exposure tests to determine the durability of materials when subject to sunlight and weathering.

Q-Lab's outdoor exposure services include standard Arizona weathering, outdoor under-glass exposures, black box, auto under-glass, and accelerated tests. Q-Lab is also expert in visual and instrumental evaluations of appearance -- like color change and gloss loss. All Q-Lab tests and evaluations are performed according to ISO, ASTM, SAE or other standard procedures.

Arizona 's extreme climate is especially useful for testing certain types of materials. Particularly affected are:

  • Color and gloss of coatings
  • Coatings on plastics
  • Color stability
  • Heat aging, and physical properties of plastics
  • Lightfastness and tensile strength of textiles

For a complete outdoor testing program, many companies test their products in both Arizona and Florida . Q-Lab offers both natural Florida exposures and Laboratory Accelerated Weathering at our site in Miami.

Arizona Site Climate Information

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