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Sometimes you can't wait for months or years to find out how well your products will perform outdoors. Sometimes you need accelerated weathering data. If you need fast answers, but don't want to use artificial laboratory devices that only simulate sunlight, you might want to test your products on our Q-Trac Natural Sunlight Concentrator. The Q-Trac gives quick realistic results using natural sunlight. The Q-Trac is an accelerated natural weathering tester. The Q-Trac's follow-the-sun, solar concentrating system maximizes the amount of sunlight exposure that your test specimen receives.

Fast Answers.
Materials tested on the Q-Trac are subject to many more times the amount of sunlight than those on a conventional outdoor exposure rack. Because of the intensifying effect of the mirrors, a specimen on the Q-Trac receives an average of 5 times more sunlight than it would in a natural Florida exposure. You can get the equivalent of 5 years of Florida sunlight exposure in just 1 year on a Q-Trac. Actual degradation rates can be expected to vary with the material tested.

Easy to Use.
It is easier to use the Q-Trac Natural Sunlight Concentrator than it is for you to test the materials yourself. Simply send the test specimens to Q-Lab. We will do all the mounting, color or gloss measurements, visual evaluations, etc. All tests are performed to ASTM, ISO or SAE procedures. You receive evaluation reports at the appropriate, predetermined intervals. Nothing could be easier. When you test on the Q-Trac, your results are certified by our expert staff. Q-Trac exposure results will have instant credibility with your clients and colleagues.

Q-Trac automatically follows the sun from morning until night Dual-axis tracking allows it to move in any direction for both seasonal and daily adjustments.

Excellent Correlation. The Q-Trac is useful for testing all types of products including coatings, plastics and reinforced plastics, automotive materials, building materials, textiles, inks, sealants, and geosynthetics. A large number of correlation studies indicate that this test method is particularly useful for coil coatings, powder coatings, automotive coatings, and various plastics.

Proven ASTM Test Methods.

  • ASTM G90 for Nonmetallic Materials
  • ASTM D4141 for Coatings
  • ASTM D4364 for Plastics
  • SAE J1961 for Automotive Exterior Materials



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