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Arizona—Lots of Sunshine and HOT!

Our Arizona desert location offers excellent opportunities for natural weathering evaluations. Extremely hot and dry, the Arizona environment is the standard climatic measurement for any outdoor weathering needs. Natural weathering is the only true benchmark for weathering tests. Although very good, accelerated tests can never exactly simulate reactions to real outdoor settings with their inherent climatic changes. Natural weathering not only tests environmental effects, but also respects environmental integrity – using far less electricity than artificial weathering.

Sonoran Desert





Florida — Lots of Sunshine AND Moisture!

Our Florida location may not look like the photos below, but they tell the story best.  Water is often a necessary ingredient in the degradation picture.  This makes Florida testing a very important part of any program. 



 Locations for Doing Natural Testing
Types of Natural Weathering
Concentrated Natural Sunlight to Speed Up Solar Degradation


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